Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Femilift in Leesburg Florida

    Laser Vaginal Tightening with FemiLift is a breakthrough treatment that can help restore a youthful vagina and improve stress urinary incontinence. The technology uses an Alma CO2 laser to deliver fractionated light and thermal energy to assist in vaginal mucosa revitalization. Vaginal rejuvenation can help you restore tightness and tone, alleviate common problems such as painful intercourse and mild incontinence, and enjoy more carefree, satisfying intimate experiences.

    Today there are various gynecological treatments available for women that bring comfort, confidence, and less pain. One of those special treatments is Vaginal Rejuvenation. It includes everything that has to do with the corrective procedures on the vagina like tightening or treatment for increasing lubrication. These procedures also know as feminine rejuvenation are usually performed to correct problems that may occur after giving birth. These conditions are - lack of tightness in the vagina, urinary incontinence, absence of lubrication, etc. Vaginal Rejuvenation is increasing in popularity as the issues after childbirth can affect a woman's sense of well-being and sexuality.

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